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Archived: 3 Reasons Machel Montano’s ‘Fast Wine’ Video Will Make You Feel Sweet Inside.

Machel works hard to get his prized ‘winer’, in his latest video.

The song that has grown on everyone across the Caribbean now has its very own video to compliment it. Machel Montano has proven once again, just why he’s a boss. In a pretty unexpected move, he has unveiled an incredible video for his hit single, “Fast Wine” and it’s got us feeling all sweet inside, smiling from ear to ear, as though it’s the first of its kind.

The song is by far one of the sexiest this season and with lyrics that speak of the ‘sweetest melanin’ and calls for his love to ‘anchor by de bedside’, we’ve been wondering just who Montano created this monster track for. The video features Caribbean fitness dance instructor, Denisha Burton in a major role that leads the Taipan of Soca from land straight out to sea.

Now if you haven’t caught the video yet, here are three quick reasons it’ll make you feel all bubbly inside, after looking at it:

  1. The video gives a perfect re-enactment of just how Trinbagonians behave- from the barbershop scene to the party plots. 

  2. It drips of sex appeal. Not in an overly intrusive and outrageous way. It’s naturally sexy! Machel smiles and his Burton is on fire throughout! 

  3. Machel wins in the end 😉

The video was directed by Jon Riera with production by Che Kothari and Lorraine O’Connor. “Fast Wine” was written by Jelani Shaw, Kasey Phillips and the Monk himself with production at Precision Productions.

Machel Montano will headline the annual Army Fete this Friday, in Trinidad.

Now, take a look and tell us how you feel, for real! 


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1 Comment

  1. Kenny

    16th February 2017 at 8:12 am

    Amazing video… Hell video of the year is what it is.

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